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Water Temperatures

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Water temperature has a major affect on game fish activity in both fresh and saltwater. All fish species have a preferred temperature range in which they are most active and, therefore, more susceptible to being caught. Here are ideal water temperatures for the most popular species of freshwater fish:

Ideal Conditions Chart

Plus or minus 3 degrees of “Most Active” water temperatures is prime fishing.
LowerMost ActiveUpper
Black Crappie60°F (15°C)70°F (21°C)75°F (24°C)
Bluegill58°F (14°C)69°F (20°C)75°F (24°C)
Brook Trout44°F (7°C)58°F (14°C)70°F (21°C)
Brown Trout44°F (7°C)58°F (14°C)74°F (23°C)
Carp74°F (24°C)84°F (29°C)88°F (31°C)
Chain Pickerel60°F (15°C)66°F (19°C)74°F (23°C)
Catfish55°F (13°C)82°F (28°C)89°F (32°C)
Chinook Salmon44°F (7°C)54°F (12°C)60°F (15°C)
Coho Salmon44°F (7°C)54°F (12°C)60°F (15°C)
Green Sunfish73°F (23°C)87°F (31°C)91°F (33°C)
Kamloops Trout46°F (8°C)49°F (9°C)57°F (14°C)
Lake Trout42°F (4°C)54°F (12°C)62°F (17°C)
Lake Whitefish43°F (6°C)51°F (11°C)63°F (17°C)
Largemouth Bass50°F (10°C)70°F (21°C)84°F (29°C)
Northern Pike56°F (13°C)63°F (17°C)74°F (23°C)
Rainbow Trout44°F (7°C)61°F (16°C)75°F (24°C)
Sauger55°F (13°C)67°F (19°C)74°F (23°C)
Smallmouth Bass60°F (16°C)67°F (19°C)73°F (23°C)
Spotted Bass71°F (22°C)75°F (24°C)80°F (27°C)
Steelhead Trout38°F (3°C)50°F (10°C)60°F (16°C)
Sunfish50°F (10°C)58°F (19°C)68°F (20°C)
Walleye50°F (10°C)67°F (19°C)76°F (24°C)
White Bass62°F (17°C)70°F (21°C)78°F (26°C)

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