3 Keys to Selecting Your Next Chili Stockpot

Everyone loves a good pot of wild-game chili, so make sure you’re set up to feed a lot of hungry mouths

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Home Chef stock pot
A large stockpot is one of the best ways to hold a lot of ingredients that will eventually feed a lot of hungry people. Home Chef

A stock pot does the heavy lifting in any kitchen. Whether you are building a five-alarm chili, boiling game bones for stock, or deep frying your world-famous hush puppies or onions rings, you’re going to need large-capacity cookware capable of getting the job done. Here are three features you’ll want to consider before buying what might be the largest pot in your kitchen.


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Stock pots come in a range of sizes. On the low end, a 5-quart stock pot is suitable for making soups and chili, but for actually making stock you want something in the 12-quart or larger range. Above that and you are wandering into the turkey-fryer aisle, which is a different department altogether in terms of size and accessory components.

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Pay careful attention to the substance from which your stockpot is made. Nickel-free stainless steel is preferable, as small amounts of nickel can leech out of inferior materials in the long cook times associated with making stock.

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If you want a stock pot that can double as a steamer for cooking crabs and oysters, or even handle deep frying, look for one sold with a strainer basket. The size pot necessary to fry a small turkey breast is a bit of overkill for making soup and chili, but you’ll get the most versatility out of a stockpot with a steaming basket in the 20- to 40-quart range.