Grill Topper
A grill topper can allow you to do things that would normally require a gridle or fryer. Weber

A gas grill need not be limited to its traditional uses for charring and searing over grates. A wide variety of grill-top accessories opens up an array of cooking styles to the outdoor chef. From experimenting with Japanese Teppanyaki cuisine (think birthdays at Benihana) to smoking vegetables or whipping up fried eggs and pancakes, a grill topper gives you options limited only by your creativity. Here are a few styles to choose from.


What’ll You Make First?

A full-sized topper won’t leave much space on the cooktop for other items, but you’ll be able to prepare food in ways you never thought possible. Little Griddle

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A full-sized grill-topper is as versatile as any indoor griddle. It heats evenly, sears the entire surface rather than just on the bars of a grate, and imparts the perfect combination of crust and tenderness that is hard to achieve with a traditional grill grate.


Great For Fish

A small topper leaves room for other foods. Weber

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A miniature grilling pan is perfect for smaller or more delicate foods, such as fish filets. It won’t take up the entire grate surface, leaving room for traditional grilling techniques that allow you to bring the entire meal together at once.


For Meat’s Companion

One of these can contain small, loose foods like carrots, zucchini, and potatoes. Grillaholics

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A grilling basket is essentially the same idea as the pan but with higher sides. That’s handy for smoking or sweating down mixed vegetables that are tossed and finished together.