Books by Jack O’Connor

Here is a list of Jack O'Connor's books, in chronological order by date of publication.
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Many of Jack O’Connor’s books incorporated material from his writings in outdoor life; others were original. Some of the works were reprinted several times or appeared in revised, expanded editions. Safari Press Inc. has reprinted many of O’Connor’s original titles. In March 2002, it will publish a 240-page biography titled Jack O’Connor, The Legendary Life of America’s Greatest Gunwriter. A limited edition of the book autographed by the writers, Robert Anderson and Eldon “Buck” Buckner, and by O’Connor’s surviving children (Bradford, Catherine and Caroline) will sell for $85. A regular edition will be available for $29.95. For information, call 800-451-4788 (in California, 714-894-9080) or go to the Web site at

Here is a list of Jack O’Connor’s books, in chronological order by date of publication: **

Conquest: A Novel of the Old West (1930)

Boom Town: A Novel of the Southwestern Silver Boom (1938)
Game in the Desert (1939) First published by Derrydale Press in a limited edition of 950 numbered copies, this was reprinted in a 1945 trade edition, with a new preface, under the title Hunting in the South West. In 1977, Amwell Press reissued the book in a limited edition of 950 copies. This version reverted to the original title and included a substantial introduction by O’Connor.

** Hunting in the Rockies (1947)**

**Sporting Guns (1947)

The Rifle Book (1949)

Hunting With a Binocular (1949)

Sportsman’s Arms and Ammunition Manual (1952)

The Big-Game Rifle (1952)

Jack O’Connor’s Gun Book (1953)

The Outdoor Life Shooting Book (1957)**

The Complete Book of Rifles and Shotguns (1961) An updated excerpt from this book was later published as 7-Lesson Rifle Shooting Course.

The Big Game Animals of North America (1961)

Jack O’Connor’s Big Game Hunts (1963) Consists of 26 stories reprinted from Outdoor Life.

**The Shotgun Book (1965)

The Art of Hunting Big Game in North America (1967)**

Horse and Buggy West: A Boyhood on the Last Frontier (1969) Autobiographical.

The Complete Book of Shooting (1969)

** The Hunting Rifle (1970)**

Rifle and Shotgun Shooting Basics (1970)

Sheep and Sheep Hunting (1974)

Game in the Desert Revisited (limited edition of 1,000 copies in 1977, trade edition in 1984)

** The Best of Jack O’Connor (1977)**

** The Hunter’s Shooting Guide (1978)**

Hunting Big Game (1979)

**The Last Book: Confessions of an Outdoor Gun Editor (1984) **Published posthumously, this autobiography is at times scathing in its frankness and fascinating for the insight it offers into the world of outdoor writing.

Hunting on Three Continents With Jack O’Connor (1987)

In addition to being the sole or primary author of the works listed above, O’Connor collaborated on a number of other books, most published or sponsored by Outdoor Life. Particularly noteworthy are his contributions to The Hunter’s Encyclopedia (1948), The New Hunter’s Encyclopedia (1966), Sportsman’s Encyclopedia (1974) and Outdoor Life’s Gallery of North American Big Game (1946). Selections from his writings also have appeared in a number of anthologies.