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ATV Maintenance: Tips for Quieting Your Hunting Quad

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Depending on the game you are hunting, getting into the woods before the sun comes up or goes down is key. The last thing you need is added noise from your ATV scaring off any potential animals and blowing up the stand. Most problems on a noisy quad can be quieted with a few maintenance techniques and most others with aftermarket products. Here are a few items to consider if you have a whiz-banging rattletrap for a quad.

1. Anything metal that is loosely tied, bolted, or in any way attached to the racks really needs to be secured tightly. Using some kind of noise deadening material such as a rubber mat or rubber bushings between opposing metal surfaces will help this out a lot but if this is not possible just make sure all of the bolts are good and snug.

2. Exhaust leaks or cracks on your ATV can make shrill whistling noises and even backfire under deceleration, causing any animal in the area to run to the next state. Carefully inspect every welded joint or flange on the tubing to insure there are no leaks. Most cracks will occur right where the pipe meets the engine.

3. Keeping wheel bearings in check every year is a must. Water — and even mud — can get into the bearings and cause them to screech, which is unpleasant to your game. Taking the time to thoroughly wash the machine before storage will also give you a chance to inspect each wheel.

4. The actual exhaust on an ATV when it is in good working order can be silenced just a bit using a product such as Silent Rider. This extra muffler attaches to the stock exhaust with very little modification and lowers the decibels coming out of the pipe. It can also be removed during normal non-hunting or working conditions.

5. A final source of noise can be dirty braking components. If you ride in a lot of muddy or light wet sand these elements can gather on brake calipers and even between the brake pad and rotor. This light squeal or scratching noise can be prevented by again, thoroughly cleaning the machine after any muddy activity. Set the quad up on jack stands and remove the wheels to get a closer look at your braking components. Worn out braking pads will give you the same noise so be sure everything is in top shape.