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ATV Tips: Understand the Towing Capabilities of Your Quad

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Do you use the full towing capability of your ATV? Most of us will occasionally use our ATVs to haul things to and from the barn or hunt camp, but if you load the machine down every time you go out or max out on heavy loads, you’re going to have to pay extra attention to keep your quad running for years to come. Here are five things to consider.

1. The Racks
Know how much you can safely carry on the racks of your ATV. Rack capacity affects ATV control. You’ve probably loaded the rack to its 100-pound capacity and noticed the front of the machine begin to droop more than normal. This affects the steering as well as all of the components on the front of the machine, and can lighten the rear of the quad, making it a little tricky if you have to stop suddenly.

2. Even Weight
Weight distribution is key to a controllable ride. Be sure the weight you are carrying is distributed evenly left to right and also front to rear to balance the machine.

3. Tow Rating
Tow rating is a suggestion that you shouldn’t try to prove. Even though your ATV manufacturer says the quad will pull 1,200 pounds, you shouldn’t try to do it day in and day out.

4. Stopping
Being able to tow a lot of weight is one thing, but stopping it is another. Be sure the braking system on your machine is in good shape or you could be in for a bad surprise.

5. Checkup
If you do hard days of work hauling and towing be sure to regularly check the CVT belt if on your machine as the extra stress can be very tough on this link from the motor to the transmission.

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