Zumbo Hunting Argentina

Jim Zumbo's life of hunting luxury continues. This week he is hunting birds in South America. Ducks, partridge and doves are part of the bag.

Outdoor Life Online Editor

For most of my life I’ve read about the incredible bird hunting in South America, and I finally had the opportunity to see it for myself. I’m writing this from a ranch near Santa Fe, Argentina, which is about an hour’s flight north of Buenos Aires. Our plans include hunts for ducks, doves and partridge.

There are a couple good reasons why I’m on this hunt. Those reasons are two brand new shotguns introduced by Remington Arms, a new Model 1100 G3, and a 105 CTi, both in 12 gauge. We’re also testing new ammo, Wingmaster HD, which Remington folks have tagged “Drop Dead Better.” This revolutionary new shot is made of tin, bronze, and iron, and this ammo, which tears out of the muzzle at 1450 fps, has already been approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for waterfowl hunting. When firearms companies such as Remington introduce new guns and ammo, field testing is essential. Obviously, high volume shooting is the ultimate test for new products, because of the sheer number of shots taken at moving targets. Thus the Argentina hunt, which is known for high volume bird hunting.

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