Adam Moore

Associate Gear Editor


  • Interests include hunting turkeys, whitetail deer, and small game.
  • Finds joy in riding through rural towns where the principal supporting businesses are hunting camps
  • Moore has taught several writing classes focused on nature and conservation writers at the University of Southern Mississippi.
  • Published poet whose creative work explores hunting and conservation themes


About Me

Adam Moore is an associate gear editor at Outdoor Life. He grew up hunting all the wild game Mississippi has to offer. He now lives in the ever-humid Hattiesburg, Mississippi with his chef-of-a-wife and daughter.


Moore has worked as a firearm salesman, freelance writer and editor, taught writing classes at the college level, and served as the content creator for Grin Coffee Company. Moore was awarded the 2019 Ada Limón Autumn Poetry Prize. Before joining Outdoor Life, Moore pursued a PhD in creative writing but decided that writing about outdoor gear had a better ring to it.


Moore graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a master’s degree in English.

“A tenured professor once told me, ‘the trick to reading everything in grad school is that you don’t, and those that do are either boring or lying. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been accused of either.’”

- Adam Moore

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