The Benefits of Adding LED Lights to Your ATV or UTV

LED lights
LED lights draw less power than halogen lights and offer just as much brightness. Off-Road Upgrades

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There are limits to the amount of power your machine needs to perform its basic duties on the trail and adding massive lights can drain a typically sufficient system to its core. That’s where the LED (or Light Emitting Diode) lighting systems comes in. LED lights typically get you even more light and use a little less power. This allows you to run other electrical gadgets and accessories off your hunting rig.

Halogen lighting has had its place in off-road riding for many years, but the amber glow and power robbing function of these lights are simply not efficient.

LED lights draw far less power and this means you may be able to save room for that one extra accessory you had long given up on. The LED lights can also be purchased in several different color tones or Kelvin ratings. Some manufacturers offer color changing programmers, which can be especially useful for hunters. Lets say you want to drive around a field without blasting it with white headlight beams and alerting deer. With LED lights, you could have the option to try a green or red light program and avoid hitting those feeding deer with white light.

Also, LED lights are usually pretty affordable.

Many manufacturers are starting to use LED headlights and this gives you a brighter, more effective view of the trail. Adding a small light bar along the top of your UTV or even on the front of your ATV rack can help you see much farther down the trail. You might be tempted to mount a dual row light on the roof of your UTV, but a single row is usually enough and it’s less likely to hang up on tree branches.