Consider Installing a Heater in Your UTV

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It is getting colder and the need for either very warm clothing or some other type of heat producing device could be the difference between an enjoyable ride and complete torture. After some investigating and the subsequent installation of an on-board heater in our Honda Pioneer 700-4, there were some immediate benefits we discovered that might just encourage you to invest in this accessory and validate the expense (in this case, about $550).

First, let me inform you that our heater was not exactly a joy to install, although the overall finished product was well worth the time and effort. If your skills are questionable when it comes to knowing your way around a toolbox, trust a professional to do this for you. It gets complicated and messy.

Once it’s installed, the engine needs to be warmed up for the heat to work properly. Keep in mind that the heat is not electrically produced; rather, the coolant in the engine generates it. Just like a typical heat system in your car, coolant is pumped through a heater core. Then a fan blows across the coils, thus adding heat to the interior of the car.

Adding a blower fan for the heater means there is also an additional draw on the engines electrical system. You will want to know how much you need for the fan to work properly to be sure you do not over extend your machines battery or stator. You will also want to keep your battery charged if the UTV sits for long periods, or else the heater will not function properly. Most UTV manufacturers have an accessory heater on the market, so it’s already calculated into the available power allotment.

You will be adding approximately 1.5 quarts of coolant to the cooling system. This means your engine will reap cooler, more stable temperatures from the added coolant during the summer months.

The heat feels wonderful on your toes, too, so you can ideally stay out on the trail longer. With a full windshield in combination with doors and a roof—even if it’s a cloth model—you will be nice and toasty inside the cab. They do work as we have proof and well worth the expense on those winter mornings.