Demand For Rat Meat in Thailand is Exceeding Supply of Rodents

Thailand is in the midst of a huge rat problem — and it’s probably not what you think.

The problem is that there aren’t enough rodents to satisfy the country’s growing appetite for rat meat. This shortage has driven the price of the delicacy to over $3 a pound; a price higher than that of chicken or pork. Rat meat is prepared several ways but is most often barbequed or cooked in oil. The rats come from both the city, where hunters chase them down and clock them with sticks, and from the country where they are trapped in agricultural fields.

Want to learn more about trapping, killing, and eating rat? Of course you do. Then watch the video by BBC’s Tom Santorelli.

I think I’d opt for barbequed rat. Or maybe fried. Anybody out there tasted rat? Comment below!