Protect Your Grill: A Guide to the Best Grill Covers

The best grill covers to extend the life—and keep critters out—of your gas, charcoal, and portable BBQs.

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You’ve got to cover your gas. Your charcoal, too. If you want your grill to last for more than a couple of grilling seasons, you need a cover. The best grill cover guards against rain, pollen, snow, ice, and the sun. An uncovered grill will get dirty, rusty, won’t hold heat as well as it should, and will soon have a non-functioning automatic ignition button. 

While many can accommodate a range of grill sizes, they’re not always one-size-fits-all. Here’s what we’ve uncovered about shopping for the best grill cover. 

Features to Consider When Shopping for the Best Grill Cover

Grills are designed to withstand a lot. Stainless steel builds and protective coatings mean grills themselves can handle direct sunlight and even shed rain if left unprotected. But if you want to maximize the life of your grill—and help prevent critters from getting in—you need a cover. 

The best are made of water-proof, tear-proof materials and have UV-resistant coatings. If the seams are sealed or welded together, your cover will offer that much more protection, since seams are where covers are most likely to tear or leak.

The best grill cover also fits your particular grill very snugly. If they are too loose, water and animals can find their way in, or the cover may blow off in heavy winds. Look for covers that have adjustable straps to keep them tightly in place.  

Are you shopping for gas grill covers?

Buying a gas grill is an investment. So for a comparatively small sum, you can get a cover that’ll keep it looking, and operating, like new.

Weather protection is the main element when shopping for the best gas grill covers. Look for water-resistant materials and a tight fit. That could mean matching brands—for instance, a Char-Broil gas grill might be best served by a Char-Broil grill cover—or finding one that’s easily adjustable. Velcro straps can cinch up extra space, making it a cinch to create a form-fitting cover that limits openings for rain or rodents.

Best Grill Cover for Gas Grills: Grillman Premium BBQ Grill Cover

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Made with PVC-lined Oxford material, this BBQ cover completely blocks rain. The material is also UV and tear resistant, making this one of the most heavy-duty covers you can find. With multiple sizing options and adjustable straps, it should fit most gas grills. And while the plain black look isn’t overly stylish, at least you can easily keep it clean—simply hose down the cover and bake it under the sun while your grill stays safe and dry.  

Need to keep that kettle covered?

Charcoal kettle grills are often made of steel and porcelain enamel so they can withstand the high heat of burning charcoal. But being tough from the inside out doesn’t mean tough from the outside in. For instance, the top damper on the grill lid will let in water even when closed, introducing moisture and inevitably, rust.

Polyester, canvas, or nylon grill covers help ensure that your kettle grill can keep cooking year after year. Find something that will fit the size and shape of your charcoal grill. You also want a cover that’s easy to put on, because if it’s too cumbersome, you’ll never use it. 

Best Grill Cover for Charcoal Kettle Grills: Weber Premium Grill Cover

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The best name in charcoal grilling deserves to be protected by the best. This polyester Weber grill cover, made of fabric that won’t fade, stops the hot sun or freezing rain from reaching your cool kettle. The cover is also lightweight and easy to slip over your grill, and it features velcro straps for a tight fit.  

Are you looking for something versatile?

Custom covers are useful. But if you’re prone to picking up a new propane cooker every few summers, you need something that can easily work from one grill to the next. Versatility is somewhat limited by sizing—if you’re downsizing from a 5-burner to a two burner, or switching from a gas grill to a charcoal kettle grill, you’ll need an entirely new cover. 

Still, some of the best grill covers are designed with many grills in mind. Covers with wider builds and velcro straps that can tighten around different bodies and bases can easily transfer from one model to a similar one. Of course, the paradox is that the better you protect your current grill, the less likely you are to need a new one!

Best Grill Cover to Fit Most Grills: Char-Broil Performance Grill Cover

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This Char-Broil grill cover is made of 300 x 300 denier polyester fabric protected with a fade-proof vinyl liner. That fabric is connected by sealed seams built to completely deny all rain from leaking in. It’s also designed to fit nearly all grill sizes, because it is offered in multiple dimension options—from 2 burner to 5+ burner, as well as kettle and small smoker sizes—and has adjustable velcro straps.  

Do you have a tabletop grill at home?

Even though small grills are much less of an investment than permanent grills, you should still invest in a protective cover. Having something over your portable grill will keep it safe, whether it’s from the weather on your apartment’s balcony or from scratches every time you load it into the trunk. As when shopping for bigger grill covers, look for materials that can guard against wind, sun, and rain.

Best Grill Cover for Portable Grills: Nupick Tabletop Grill Cover 

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Designed to fit most 2-burner portable grills, this Nupick tabletop grill cover is made with water-resistant material. It also features an elastic strap for a secure, adjustable fit, so if it’s windy on your balcony or outside the stadium, you don’t have to worry about the cover blowing away. 

What kind of grill covers can you find for under $20?

You can find BBQ covers for the cost of grill accessories like brushes or tongs. And we aren’t talking about simply throwing a spare bed sheet or tarp over your grill. Cheap grill covers can provide water resistance, UV protection, easy cleaning, and adjustability.  

Best Cheap Grill Cover: Expert Grill Heavy Duty Gas Grill Cover

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For $15, this is a surprisingly heavy-duty cover. It’s made of water-resistant ripstop fabric that’ll bead raindrops, stop sunlight penetration, and won’t scratch or tear. Accommodating grills up to 62 inches wide, it should fit most 3-4 burner grills, and it features loop and hook fasteners that help it stay tightly in place. Many owners note that the cover didn’t fade after a summer and didn’t whither under extreme weather. 


Should you put a cover on your grill?

Yes, you absolutely should put a cover on your grill. While many grills are made from materials that can withstand weather, a grill cover will extend the life of your grill by providing added protection from rain, ice, and snow. It’ll keep the grill cleaner and impede animals and insects from getting inside.

When should I cover my grill?

You should cover your grill after every use. Wait for it to cool, and then put on the cover.

Do grill covers prevent rust?

Yes, grill covers prevent rust. One myth says that grill covers trap humid air, causing rust rather than preventing it. This is false. Rain is the primary culprit of rust. So you should protect your grill with a water-resistant cover, and store your grill in the garage or shed in the offseason.  

The Final Word on Shopping for the Best Grill Cover

Covers are affordable grill accessories that can ensure you keep your grill for as long as possible. Grills are solidly built, but it’s outside all the time, and the extra protection will extend the life of the grill.