Gun Rights Pistols

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Talk, it is said, is cheap. But Para USA is putting its money where its mouth is by supporting the Second Amendment through a special line of .45 ACP Gun Rights Pistols. The line consists of the single-stack PXT 1911 SSP and the high-capacity PXT P14-45. Both come with stainless-steel match barrels and receivers and each features a match trigger, spurred competition hammer and a fiber-optic front sight. For each Gun Rights handgun sold, Para USA will donate $25 to the NRA-ILA.

“The next two years are vital to America’s first freedom,” said Para USA CEO Thanos Polyzos when the program launched early this year. “If you love the right to keep and bear arms, these 1911 pistols are the most important handguns you can ever own.”

Para USA and the NRA have been so pleased with the results of the program that it has been extended through 2008.

—Slaton White