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A friend of mine—I’ll not mention his name so he can keep his head up in public—recently returned from a caribou hunt in Alaska and had one of these gee-wiz scopes on his rifle. In an effort to use the correct holdover based on the distance to the bull he launched four bullets over the back of the astonished animal. In his frustration, he centered the reticle on the caribou and shot once more. The bull flopped over dead.

The main lesson here is that it is hard to go wrong with a plain duplex reticle. Just sight in two or three inches high at 100 yards and, assuming you’re shooting something with .30-06 or .308 type ballistics, you’ll be good out to 300-plus yards. At anything approaching reasonable hunting distances you’ll never want to shoot when your crosshairs are not on the animal. If this sounds simple, that’s the point. The fewer things to think about when making a decision on whether to shoot, the better.

John Snow