The Case For a Revolver

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And that leads us to another key point made by Charter. “We tend to forget that in the real world, surviving a life or death confrontation depends on draw speed, correct grip and operational control. Our firearms are compact, lightweight and due to the grip design very easy to draw, point and control.”

Brown also emphasizes the importance of picking a self-defense handgun that you will actually carry and the need to practice to gain the necessary proficiency. And part of that proficiency is learning when not to draw. As the company notes, “While it makes mucho macho conversation to talk about filling an attacker with lead, the reality is that getting out alive and unharmed is the best option. If that means having to run from an attacker who is armed with a knife while you have a revolver in your hand–meaning you get away without having to shoot him–that’s still the best deal.”

Slaton White