Who’ll Get Their Vote?

Laura Egan, Fishing Guide and Outdoors TV and Radio Show Host: "I fish, I hunt, and I'm voting for Barack Obama. He's not interested in taking away your gun rights- he's interested in making sure you can afford your hunting license after you pay your bills. I trust his judgment and believe he will stand up for the working class. He can say 'union' without choking on the word!" Outdoor Life Online Editor
Michael Waddell, TV Hunting Show Host: "I will be voting for John McCain for many reasons. Barack Obama has consistently supported raising taxes on guns and ammo; he has consistently supported anti-gun laws; he has consistently supported the decrease in government-appointed hunting land; and he refuses to support our troops abroad and our military overall, which is essential to national security." Outdoor Life Online Editor
Wil Primos, Owner Primos Game Calls and TV Hunting Show Host: "I am voting for John McCain because he gets it. He has character that is above reproach, and he chose a running mate that is not scared to recognize the importance of God in our daily lives." Outdoor Life Online Editor
David Hale, Call Manufacturer and TV Hunting Show Host: "I'm voting for McCain/Palin because I intend to vote the Bible and they are a lot closer to it than their opponent, especially when it comes to the sanctity of life. That alone is enough for me, but there are numerous other reasons. John McCain is a war hero and a better candidate for keeping our country safe, which is far more important than voting my billfold." Outdoor Life Online Editor
Mark Drury, TV Hunting Show Host: "I'm voting for John McCain, and I'm energized by his selection of Sarah Palin as vice president. I like McCain's position on taxes, especially on the so-called death tax, and, of course, his positive stance for guns and gun rights. In addition, his energy policy is right on target. Palin is a hunter and an NRA member, so that's huge for me. McCain represents the kind of guy we need as president. He is a patriot and hero, and a quality man with integrity. I'm originally from Missouri, the 'Show Me State,' and McCain has shown me what I like. For me, this election is a no-brainer: McCain/Palin all the way." Outdoor Life Online Editor
Doug Hannon, "The Bass Professor" and TV Fishing Show Host: "My vote is unequivocally for McCain/Palin- for trust and principle. I trust a man who has put his life and all it means on the line for his country- when there is a real risk of having to pay that price- and who came back home to a career in the very Congress that shunned that commitment. On principle, anyone who does not understand that lowering taxes is the way to fix economic problems in this country is either out of touch or in touch with the wrong things." Outdoor Life Online Editor
Teressa Hagerman, First Woman Bowhunter to Take an Elephant: "I'm a Republican, and I'm voting for McCain/Palin. With Sarah Palin being a hunter, I know she will support hunting and gun rights. The Democratic nominee has absolutely no experience. In fact, I have more international experience than he does. I will not support arrogance and elitist attitudes, as the Democratic nominees do. I believe the people of America should have rights and freedoms. The Democrats would prefer to create a Socialist society in which they dictate what we, the people, can and cannot do. They want to keep us dumb and happy. This will prevent society from asking questions and opposing their way of thinking." Outdoor Life Online Editor
Ralph Cianciarulo, TV Hunting Show Co-Host: "I think Sarah Palin is someone the average American can relate to- a working mom, with a passion for hunting and the outdoors. She will get my vote. My home state of Illinois is in one of the worst financial situations it has ever been in, and who is the politician from Illinois? Enough said." Outdoor Life Online Editor
Lori Deaton, Southwest Florida Fishing Guide: "I'm voting for McCain/Palin. I personally feel that John McCain will offer better leadership with national security, and I value his opinion on foreign policy. Sarah Palin is untested and considered a gamble; therefore, I am voting the top of the ticket. However, watching her I find her candid, open and honest." Outdoor Life Online Editor
Mark Sosin, TV Fishing Show Host: "I am an Independent voter, but in this election, I plan to vote for Senator John McCain because I believe he will do more to ensure the continuation of hunting and fishing as we know it; allow us to keep our guns; and deal more effectively to protect America from its enemies." Outdoor Life Online Editor
Bill Dance, TV Fishing Show Host: "We've had years and years of experience with John McCain supporting things that are of interest to the American outdoorsman. I feel very comfortable with him on our economy and security. Bottom line: I feel very safe with this man." Outdoor Life Online Editor
Tom Miranda, TV Hunting Show Host: "The future of this country is important to me, and my vote will go to the man who I think will best represent our country, John McCain. He is a proven senator and a valiant soldier. He is a former POW who has fought both with a gun and with diplomacy for my freedoms. There's no doubt that when the going gets tough, McCain will handle it. I want a president who isn't going to back down to terrorists. McCain will give America a resurgence of patriotism and trust. The economy will follow, as nowhere in the world can one's dreams come true more so than in the USA." Outdoor Life Online Editor
Babe Winkelman, TV Hunting and Fishing Show Host: "My vote will go to McCain/Palin in the upcoming election, based on John McCain's experience to lead and get things done in tough situations, plus Sarah Palin's real-world character. I feel Barack Obama lacks proven experience, and the threat that Obama/Biden pose to sportsmen is alarming." Outdoor Life Online Editor
Vicki Cianciarulo, TV Hunting Show Co-Host: "I will be voting for John McCain. I believe he has more experience and is more qualified to run this great nation of ours, not to mention his and Sarah Palin's [good] opinions on hunting and gun control." Outdoor Life Online Editor
Ron Schara, TV Outdoors Show Host: "I'm supporting John McCain. I like his record of being nonpartisan on many important issues and working with both sides of the aisle. I like his views on multiple use of federal forests, which means a balance between roadless wilderness and roady campsites. I don't like Barack Obama's stance on firearms or his past record. Reading between the lines, I think he still believes that in inner cities, the guns go roaming the streets by themselves to shoot and rob people. He was very willing to sue firearms makers because somebody else misused their product- very un-American, in my opinion. Do I wish McCain had Obama's communication skills? Oh, my, yes. Will the outdoors world come crashing down if Obama wins? Not hardly. But my taxes may go up." Outdoor Life Online Editor
Harold Knight, Call Manufacturer and TV Hunting Show Host: "I'm voting the Republican ticket of McCain/Palin. Sarah Palin is a breath of fresh air in representing our industry, especially speaking as a person who is a lifetime member of the NRA. She knows how to speak my language." Outdoor Life Online Editor
Al Lindner, Fishing Hall of Famer and TV Fishing Show Host: "As a Vietnam veteran, my nod for a host of reasons is for the McCain/Palin ticket. It's interesting that, of the four prime candidates, only one person has even remotely addressed what could be considered 'sportsmen's issues.' That is sportswoman Sarah Palin." Outdoor Life Online Editor
Spence Petros, Hall of Fame Fisherman: "I'm for whoever is running against Barack Obama- and this is from a Chicagoan, whom Obama once represented. Sarah Palin? I love her. She hunts and fishes and is beautiful and smart- what else could you want in a candidate? Palin and John McCain are religious, not wackos. Obama is merely a Chicago-hyped liberal politician who is a product of the media. Obama is clueless." Outdoor Life Online Editor

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