Elk on the Brain

Outdoor Life Online Editor

It was Oregon's opening day of elk season and I had just dropped a nice bull with a shot behind the left ear. Using an ATV, I began to drag it out. Outdoor Life Online Editor
While climbing a hill, my ATV hit a log and flipped over… throwing me onto the bull. Outdoor Life Online Editor
I couldn't get up! My hunting buddy told me that I had landed on the eye guard and it had pierced my skull! Outdoor Life Online Editor
Working together, we pulled my head from the tine. With blood pouring from the wound, I cut off the trophy antlers and made for the hospital. Outdoor Life Online Editor
That bull avenged his death: I received 12 staples and 8 stitches for the 9-inch gash behind my left ear. Outdoor Life Online Editor

This Happened To Me by Rick Fischer, Enterprise, OR.