330 Inches of Antler!

Jim and Dawn Woods hit paydirt in Illinois with simultaneous bow kills. What a story! Outdoor Life Online Editor

Occasionally, everything will just fall into place when you climb up a tree during the fall of the year. The wind will be absolutely perfect and your stand location will be dead-on accurate. Perfect harmony doesn't happen much in the deer woods, but when it does, things can be pretty sweet. Just ask Jim and Dawn Wand about their magical moment in the stand a few days ago. Jim's buck will score around 190. Outdoor Life Online Editor
The Wand's were hunting approximately a mile apart with Tad Peter of South Fork Outfitters in Illinois on October 20 deep inside a tract of timber. At approximately 5:30 that evening, two giant bucks walked into cleared shooting lanes almost simultaneously. Dawn's 10-pointer is in the 140 class. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Jim and Dawn both made perfect shots on their bucks and immediately began texting each other the great news on their cell phones. Dawn arrowed a beautiful 140-class 10-pointer and her husband stuck a phenomenal 10-point super stud that would score around 190. In a matter of minutes, Jim and Dawn had laid 330 inches of antler on the ground and had taken the ultimate double. With an evening like that, Jim and Dawn probably should have stopped on the way home and bought a lottery ticket. What are the odds of a husband and wife shooting two trophy-class 10-pointers from nearby stands at nearly the same time? Way to go Jim and Dawn on a remarkable double that will stick with both of you for the rest of your lives. Outdoor Life Online Editor

Jim and Dawn Woods hit paydirt in Illinois with simultaneous bow kills. What a story! By Travis Faulkner.