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These days guns come in all different colors, including blaze orange. This is Remington's 597 .22 LR. Some say that squirrels can't see the color orange, which leads me to believe that Remington has invented the first invisible gun.
OK, so this Hummer isn't exactly blaze orange, but it's pretty close. And if the color doesn't alert other hunters of your presence, your roaring engine, four bone-crunching tires and blaring Lynyrd Skynyrd music definitely will.
We've all read stories about hunters taking off their boots to stalk their quarry in silence. If you want to stalk game in your socks, you might as well do so safely and blaze orange up.
You'd be hard-pressed to find a deer camp in the country where dressing like this would be considered acceptable. I'm no fashion expert, but a full-grown man wearing footy pajamas is not OK no matter what color they are. Photo: Pajama City
Man's best friend. Keep him safe with a nice blaze orange vest.
On the other hand, if this is your best friend well, you may want to try some other hangouts or maybe join a local trapshooting club. And yes, that is an orange life preserver for a dog. Photo:
Unless this elk figured out how to put on an orange jacket, I think that this might actually be a horse.
This photo comes from a product site called Hatchie Bottom. Thank you Hatchie Bottom.
They also make a blaze orange swimsuit. I've never tried deer hunting at a beach before, but I'm not going to knock it until I try it.
Remember: This product is for use after the hunt, not before or during.
This neoprene face warmer, is from eHat Mania. If you see someone wearing a garment like this, you can bet they're probably from the south and have never experienced weather colder than 32 degrees before. Unless of course you are polar bear hunting, in that case, this item is totally fine. Photo: eHat Mania
This happy couple is headed for the prom, and if they aren't named king and queen, you can bet that their school is going to be receiving a stern letter from Outdoor Life magazine.
It's one thing to wear a blaze orange backpack during the hunting season, but you have to respect the guy who hauls around an orange bag all year round. Everyone knows he's a hunter, and they can see him coming from a mile away.
This is the Streamlight 66125 Stylus Pro. Now if they could only get a flashlight to shine a blaze orange beam of light. Photo: Google products
Ruttwipe is the crown jewel of blaze orange gear. It's for hunters who don't want their white toilet paper to be mistaken for the tail of a deer. Photo: Ruttwipe
From the website: "If you like to express your individual style through your neckwear, then you will love this selection of Elite solid color neckties. The Color of this tie is Orange Dream and features the Lustrous shine of Satin. Each tie is Hand Made from 100 percent Silk." I'm sold. Photo:
This orange-handled knife is made by KA-BAR. There's nothing really funny to say about this … KA-BAR makes nice knives.
The Delta Shockproof lighter is for all those fire starters who like to take their fire starting to the extreme.
I always keep a pair of blaze orange Nikes tucked in my daypack just in case a mature buck ever challenges me to a game of one-on-one bball. Just do it. Photo: