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R.W. Loveless: The Grandfather of All Hunting Knives

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The R.W. Loveless drop point hunter is an American icon known throughout the world as one of the most revolutionary designs in the history of cutlery. Bob Loveless called his design the “dropped hunter” because the point of the blade drops below the plane of the blade’s spine.

Loveless was known to say that the dropped hunter was his most inspired knife design, and is quoted in Living on the Edge: Legends of the Loveless Logo, by Al Williams: “The Dropped Hunter was obvious to me in the ’50s. It is almost a spitting image of an Autopsy Knife.”

This simple tool established the same type of timeless design benchmark as John Browning’s 1911 pistol or the Les Paul electric guitar. It has inspired an infinite amount of tributes and imitations. Now, a half-century later, the drop point hunter is the standard design for countless popular hunting knives. (Click the link for to see our Ultimate Knife Guide).

Six knives it inspired…
1) CRKT Brow Tine, $165


2) Boker Magnum, $35


3) Benchmade Lone Wolf Hunter, $45


4) Gerber Freeman Drop Point Folder, $46


5) Buck Gen-5 Skinner, $65**


6) Kershaw Diskin Hunter, $80