The Best and Worst Outhouses

Outhouses come in all colors, shapes and sizes. But red and square seem to be pretty safe choices. Send us your best outhouse photos at Photo by: Matts Anderson
Manning Park thoughtfully provides an outhouse at Poland Lake. The problem is using it. Photo by: Alan Bruce
Photo by: Anthony van Dyck
Photo by: Mark Bray
This decorative bush moonlights as an outhouse on the weekends. Send us your best outhouse photos at Photo by: Uff-da
A Burney Mountain Outhouse Photo by:Junmon603
This outhouse has a sink! Now that's roughing it in style. Photo by: Beatrice Murch
An outhouse at Russet Lake looking north toward the Spearhead Range from Russet Lake in Garibaldi Provincial Park. Photo by: Comrouges
Photo by: Kathleen Franklin
A vandalized outhouse at Big Tribune Bay. Photo by: Phoenix Wolf-Ray
Photo by: Vicki Watkins
A good ole Louisiana outhouse. Photo by: Natalie Maynor
The Barnacle outhouse from Matinicus Island in Maine. Photo by: Jim Kuhn
With only two walls, this outhouse doesn't offer much mosquito protection, or privacy for that matter. Photo by: Sonya Green
Outhouses at 10,000 feet. I think I'll hold it until spring comes. Send us your best outhouse photos at Photo by: Vicki Watkins
A composting outhouse at 4,700 feet. Photo by: kevin crow
Photo by: Randen Peterson
The builders of this outhouse thought it would be best to go green. Photo by:David K
Photo by: Greg Westfall
There's nothing more fun than trudging through three feet of snow to use a freezing cold outhouse on a brisk winter morning. Photo by: Chewonki
An outhouse in Hesquiat Harbor on Clyoquot Sound teaches us an important lesson: Never build an outhouse uphill of your camp. Photo by: Ecotrust Canada
You don't really need a door to your outhouse when the next closest human being isn't even in the same time zone. Photo by: Zach Flanders
No thanks. Photo by: Augusta
Photo by: Zach Flanders
This photo was taken during a trip to Talkeenta, Montana Creek and Houston Alaska. Photo by: Kovalchek
Photo by: Danny Thompson
Photo by: Andrew Lin
Photo by: Frankenstoen
When your outhouse begins to look like this, it's time to invest in a level. Photo by: Le Grand Protage
This photo was taken in Okanagan-Similkameen, British Columbia. The outhouse was built up on a platform to keep it out of the snow. Photo by: Robert Ashworth
An old, hopefully abandoned outhouse. Photo by: bigcityal
Outhouse at Silver Springs in Florida. Photo by: Hellis813
An outhouse at Oxbow pond at Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Photo by: Andy Arthur
These outhouse architects thought ahead and attached a ladder for the winter months. Photo by: Eli
Send us your best outhouse photos at Photo by: Orin Zebest
Photo by: Natalie Maynor
Photo by: Nancy Wombat
Perhaps the most carefully made and well-kept outhouse in human history. Photo by: Meaghan O'Malley
A Fijian outhouse Photo by: Jon-Eric Melsaeter
Photo by: Cincooldesigns
Photo by: Andrew Kraker
Photo by: Edwin and Kelly Tofslie
There's more than one way to dig an outhouse hole. Photo by: J-nellie
Two outhouses in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Photo by: Surrealis_uk
Photo by: Sarah Liberty