Brock On Hunting
Mixed martial arts heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar won his UFC unification title match against Frank Mir last weekend and immediately drew the ire of a legion of MMA fans with his controversial post-fight comments. Tell us your thoughts on Brock Lesnar. Outdoor Life: Tell us about your passion for hunting and the outdoors? Brock Lesnar: I grew up on a dairy farm in Webster, South Dakota and there was just an abundance of wildlife on the farm. I guess I was just six or seven when I got my first gun–a Crosman air rifle. I pretty much tried to clean out the blackbird population on the farm. When I moved up to a Ruger .22, I spent a lot of afternoons, after doing chores, running around the countryside gopher hunting. Each year, between football and hunting, I couldn’t wait for fall.
OL: Who introduced you to hunting? How’d you get started? BL: My dad and uncles all hunted rifle season for deer and although I wasn’t old enough to carry a gun, I was able to go along. Hunting was our life. One of my best memories is of driving down the road on a foggy morning during deer season and seeing this big buck cross the road in front of us in the dark. My hands were just glued to the dashboard. Later that day, my uncle dumped him ass over tea kettle, but he must have hit him in the antler or something cause we never found any sign of a hit.
OL: Is your wife wife, Rena, (formerly known as the WWE’s “Sable”) a hunter as well? BL: She just loves to bowhunt. She killed her first deer with a rifle and it did nothing for her. Then I got her a bow and she shot two really nice 5X5’s that year.
OL:What gives you greater satisfaction–tapping out a big buck or an opponent in the octagon? BL: I just love what I do for a living and it’s all business in the octagon. In my deer stand? Well, that’s my passion. OL: How do we introduce more youngsters to hunting? BL: It’s something I’m really worried about. We’re losing hunters cause it’s just harder for people to hunt. By that I mean it’s expensive and today’s liberal thinking and laws just drives me wacko. I’m really afraid that socialism is on its way and there will be no hunters if that happens. If the ammo tax goes through, only the wealthy will hunt. We’ve got to support groups like the NRA and Safari Club. In the meantime, a couple of things we can do is get things like archery back into schools. And take your kids into the outdoors. My daughter is six and I take her out with me as much as I can. I bought her a bow and a b.b. gun and she loves it.
OL: Have any other favorite outdoor pursuits? BL: Ice spearing for northerns. I just love it. My first fish this icefishing season was a 38-incher. OL: What’s your favorite place and species? BL: My favorite game to hunt is whitetails and I’ve made chasing bucks a big part of my life. I like to hunt Saskatchewan, but as far as my best buck goes, I’m still chasing him.

World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar, the biggest name in the world of mixed martial arts, reveals his passion for the outdoors in an exclusive interview with Outdoor Life.