Colorado Slam Day 3


John and Todd take a moment to celebrate. John took this bull with a Mossberg 4X4 topped with a Zeiss Victory scope Remington 180-grain Bonded Core-Lokt bullets. His elk took 10 steps and toppled over.

Breakfast, like all of the other meals at Kessler, is just incredible. Even at 4:30 in the morning you can count on fresh baked muffins a crackling fire and more. Read DAY 2 HERE! Read DAY 1 HERE!
Mornings were made brighter thanks to Surefire's Saint Minimus headlamp and Aviator handheld flashlight.
Morning starts at 5:00 with the boys gathering to discuss tactics.
Bull down! John walks up on his bull, which passed within 35 yards before he was able to make a shot through a small opening in the brush.
Guide Lance Bade and Grand Slam winner, John Stanley have a chance to celebrate after wait this bull out. He finally passed within 35 yards.
Look at the body size of this bull. Guide Lance Bade estimated him to weigh 900 pounds, perhaps the heaviest bull to come off of Kessler Canyon Ranch this year.
John's elk was down in the bottom of a steep canyon. Fortunately we were able to get a Ranger in to pick up his bull once it was field dressed, then it was a long slog out then down the mountain to the cooler.
Chef Lenny was a gourmet chuck wagon cook before coming to Kessler Canyon Ranch. What this guy does with fresh ingredients is simply incredible. He also plays a mean guitar as well as being an expert in reciting cowboy poetry.
Lenny give the grilled veggies a quick burst of fire. Every meal was first-class and Lenny's after-dinner serenades were a hoot.
John gets a shooting lesson from his guide, Olympic trap shooter, Lance Bade.
One of the many art pieces her at Kessler Canyon Ranch.
The lodge at Kessler Canyon is big enough to hold large corporate retreats but quiet and cozy. Accommodations and meals are truly 5-star.
Grand Slam winner, John Stanley (right) tells the story of his elk hunt to Kessler hunt manager Tim Curry (left) and ranch manager Gregg Harper. Truly a day to remember and there is still bird hunting, clays shooting and trout fishing yet to come. Read DAY 2 HERE! Read DAY 1 HERE!

BULL DOWN! Outdoor Life’s Grand Slam Sweepstakes winner John Stanley scores on an awesome bull elk on this 3-part journey to Kessler Ranch in DeBeque, Colorado.