Hunters in Film

White Hunter, Black Heart
Movie tag line: An adventure in obsession…
Hunter(s) portrayed as: An egomaniac obsessed with nothing but shooting a huge "tusker" elephant – like that's a bad thing.
The good: Clint Eastwood plays a damn good egomaniac. His cruelty to those around him is actually pretty funny – in a sick kind of way.
The bad: Eastwood never gets his elephant
The ugly: Eastwood's tracker gets squished by an elephant.
Movie tag line: Actually filmed by M-G-M on safari…amid authentic scenes of unrivalled savagery and awe-inspiring splendor!
Hunter(s) portrayed as: Tough as nails, strong, all sexy he-man. In other words, right on the money.
The good: Clark Gable shoots leopard, drinks, smokes, and sleeps with both Ava Gardner and Grace Kelly – although not at the same time.
The bad: Grace Kelly's character just happens to be married, ends up shooting Gable in the arm.
The ugly: It ain't Ava, that's for sure. She's built like the proverbial brick outhouse in an era prior to plastic surgery.
Southern Comfort
Movie tag line: It's the land of hospitality…unless you don't belong there.
Hunter(s) portrayed as: Inbred bloodthirsty swamp running moonshine drinking Cajun trash.
The good: Action packed, fairly realistic, Powers Booth's voice.
The bad: National Guardsmen drowning in quicksand, getting shot, attacked by dogs, getting stabbed,…
The ugly: Well, the Cajuns are kind'a ugly…
The Mountains of the Moon
Movie tag line: The story of Captain Richard Francis Burton's and Lt. John Hanning Speke's expedition to find the source of the Nile.
Hunter(s) portrayed as: Tough, resourceful, respectful to game, men of integrity, sexually confused.
The good: Speke shoots a lion as it pounces Burton.
The bad: Burton catches a spear through the face, Speke's stabbed repeatedly by natives, Speke shoves a gun cleaning rod in his ear to kill a bug, Speke commits suicide.
The ugly: David Livingstone showing Burton a bite he received on his pasty white naked English butt.
The Ghost and the Darkness
Movie tag line: Prey for the hunters!
Hunter(s) portrayed as: Saviors, tough guys in touch with their feelings, real manly men, well educated, confrontational, bad tempered, greasy haired, hard drinkers – I'm fond of most of these traits myself.
The good: Fairly accurate in terms of hunting.
The bad: Not historically accurate.
The ugly: Only one woman in the entire 2 hour movie!
The Naked Prey
Movie tag line: Stripped, turned loose like a wild beast … a manhunt of indescribable terror and screaming suspense!
Hunter(s) portrayed as: Some good, some greedy, some cooked and eaten.
The good: The beginning elephant hunt is real.
The bad: That guy didn't just eat a live snail did he?
The ugly: A hunter is tied to a stick, covered in clay, and cooked over a fire alive.
Out of Africa
Movie tag line: Based on a true story.
Hunter(s) portrayed as: Ruggedly handsome, well educated, good story teller, crappy pilot.
The good: The scenery, the clothing, the sets, the animals – a beautiful film.
The bad: Meryl Streep gets syphilis from her cheating husband.
The ugly: Watching baboons listen to a phonograph is just about as wrong as it gets. Actually a chick flick.
The Bear
Movie tag line: He's an orphan… at the start of a journey. A journey to survive.
Hunter(s) portrayed as: The elder hunter as fairly wise, shrewd, comfortable. The younger as impatient, quick to make mistakes.
The good: Hunters pretty accurately portrayed in terms of time.
The bad: Bear cub having a mushroom trip.
The ugly: Bear cub watching two adult bears mate.
King Solomon's Mines – 1950 version
Movie tag line: Guide Allan Quatermain helps a young lady find her lost husband somewhere in Africa.
Hunter(s) portrayed as: Ruggedly handsome, smart, well spoken, snazzy dresser.
The good: Most of the hunting scenes are real. Deborah Kerr's attractive and not too wimpy in the field.
The bad: Big fake spider.
The ugly: Why you gotta be throwing a spear in that guy's gut?
Movie tag line: Love Comes To The Forest Folk . . . and to you, in one of the world's greatest love stories!
Hunter(s) portrayed as: Momma killers!
The good: Thumper is obviously drunk throughout most of the movie.
The bad: Flower the skunk's a sissy!
The ugly: Watching animals struggle on ice. The hunters don't pop Bambi when he's older.
Movie tag line: Deliverance from evil.
Hunter(s) portrayed as: Inbred still-running, no teeth having, banjo playing Southern trash.
The good: I wasn't on the canoe trip.
The bad: Ronny Cox's arm isn't supposed to bend like that.
The ugly: Ned Beatty in his whitey-tighties squealing like a pig.
What does Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai have to do with hunting in film? Nothing. Nothing at all.
Good Will Hunting
Movie tag line: Some people can never believe in themselves, until someone believes in them.
Hunter(s) portrayed as: What a misleading title! There were no hunters in this movie whatsoever.
The good: Minnie Driver's cute.
The bad: Boston accents!
The ugly: Boston accents!
The Last Dinosaur
Movie tag line: Wealthy big game hunter along with his group gets trapped in pre-historic times where they are stalked by a ferocious dinosaur.
Hunter(s) portrayed as: Blowhard, arrogant, skirt chasing rich oilman hell bent on killing a T-Rex.
The good: See the above.
The bad: An idiot tries to kill a T-Rex with a wooden spear.
The ugly: The dinosaurs are actually guys in rubber suits!
Note: This movie was so good I could only find the cover in German.
The Deer Hunter
Movie tag line: Best Picture 1978.
Hunter(s) portrayed as: Nice hard working guys until the Vietnam War comes calling.
The good: Robert De Niro likes to take deer down with one shot.
The bad: Hunters forced to play Russian roulette for entertainment.
The ugly: Hunter playing Russian roulette for heroin money, blowing his brains out.
Movie tag line: The hunt begins soon.
Hunter(s) portrayed as: Smarter than average but still a second class character.
The good: Giant crocodile eating people.
The bad: Giant crocodile is at times a giant load of CGI crap.
The ugly: Orlando Jones.