Facebook Fan of the Month: Brittney Young

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Brittney lives in Oxford Mississippi, but she's hunted and fished all over the south.
Hunting and fishing had been in Brittney's blood from the start. Her grandmother was a fishing guide for years on Kentucky Lake. She was known far and wide as "Guiding Granny."
Brittney hooked a shark while fishing in Biloxi, Mississippi. She fought the fish for 30 minutes before brining it to the boat.
The fish weighed in at 200 pounds.
"I grew to love the outdoors and every aspect of it at a very very young age and it never changed and to be honest I think the older I get the more I love it and the more it means to me," Brittney says.
Here's Brittney, here friend Breanna and a monster catfish they wrestled out of the Tennessee River.
"I have always said that hunting and the great outdoors can teach you so many things about every aspect of life. It is amazing in every way and something no one can take away from you," Brittney says.
Brittney shot this buck on Christmas. The gash over her eye is a cut from her scope. Before the hunt she let one of her cousins borrow her gun and he had moved the scope. Brittney didn't realize this until the big buck appeared and she mounted the gun. "I knew it was going to hit me, but it was such a big buck," Brittney says. "I got 11 stitches and it was an 11-point buck, so it was a fair trade-off."
Brittney is originally from Paris, Tennessee.
Here's Brittney with her father, Gerald Young.
"I am an only child and have always been a daddy's girl … my parents only had one so my daddy made me the girl and the boy," Brittney jokes.
"If I had to pick a species I would have to say my favorite to hunt is deer. I do all types of hunting, but I always joke and say deer, because I like to kill the bigger animals, the bigger the better," Brittney says.
Brittney petting a wild donkey in St. Johns.
"My favorite gun would be my .243 Remington, because that was the first gun I ever had. My daddy surprised me on my 9th birthday with this gun and I still have it to this day and hunt with it too. I still remember the day I got it, I have never been so excited in my life, it was the best gift ever," Brittney says.
Brittney's just another one of the guys in this grabblin group.
Brittney and two nice turkeys.
"I love to hunt and I enjoy the feeling of just being part of nature," Brittney says. Check out last month's Facebook Fan of the Month Here