Range Reporters

Welcome to Range Reporters, our new video series featuring tours and shoots at the country’s coolest gun ranges.

Peacemaker National Training Center, West Virginia

Range Reporters: Shooting For Precision at PNTC

For our next stop, Range Reporters visits Peacemaker National Training Center (PNTC) in Glengary, West Virginia to learn about the finer points of long range shooting. Peacemaker is one of the largest shooting facilities on the east coast offering a bevy of both long-distance and up-close shooting.

Their Patriot Range is a 1,000-yard fixed distance rifle range that’s a great place to hone your precision shooting game, and the variable distance Frontier Range with lots of targets on hills in a small valley will put your wind-reading and range finding skills to the ultimate test in preparation for a hunt.

PNTC also features a wide variety of training opportunities with their experienced instructors. The Liberty Range includes multiple tactical bays for handgun, rifle, and shotgun training, a public rifle range features paper and steel targets out to 500 yards, and the Homeplace Range is the spot for shotgun sports, including trap, skeet, and five stand—plus the on-site pro shop sells a bit of everything, including ammo and firearms.

Range Reporters Shooting Tips

In the clips below, PNTC Lead Instructor Wade Shambaugh shares some of his personal long-range tips, including what it takes to hit 1,000-yard shots with regularity using a new out-of-the-box Savage Stealth Evolution in 6.5 CM paired with Federal Ammunition!

Wade also breaks down the difference between MOA and Mils so you can understand them and decide which you should be using, and teaches you the proper way to shoot prone for ultimate stability and accuracy.

RockCastle Shooting Center, Kentucky

Range Reporters: Julie Golob Shoots the Cave at RockCastle

Range Reporters heads to Park City, Kentucky to visit the impressive and diverse RockCastle Shooting Center. After operating for less than a decade, the “Rock” has become one of the major shooting destinations in the world. 

It hosts more than 50 shooting competitions annually and the facility features a number of unique shooting environments, including trap ranges, pistol ranges, 3-Gun courses, a 2,000-yard rifle range and, the most unique feature of all: an underground cave that has been converted into a shooting course that has to be seen to be believed. 

The Rockcastle Resort Property also includes a 100-room Lodge and Conference Center, an on-site restaurant, the 18-hole USGA Cave Valley Golf Club, and the Cave Valley Winery, making it a true shooting destination that’s more than just a range. As owner Nick Noble says, “It’s kind of like a Disneyland for guns.” 

We followed champion shooter Julie Golob into the cave for some pitch black handgun shooting with gun lights, laser sights, and Federal Syntech Match ammunition. This is a unique shooting experience you won’t want to miss!

Range Reporters Shooting Tips

Welcome to RockCastle Shooting Center! In these episodes, pistol expert Julie Golob shows you how to shoot and move in a dark cave, and PRS shooter Shebrena Vaught demonstrates how to dial in your grip and stance for long-range steel ringing. Plus, enjoy more Range Reporters tips from RockCastle.

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