3 (More) Reasons to Own an Emergency Blanket

A thermal or reflective blanket can do more than just drape around your shoulders when it’s cold outside

tarp shelter
Because emergency blankets are so small and lightweight, you should keep a few in your bug-out-bag in case you need to build an impromptu shelter.Arcturus

An emergency blanket should never be considered the first line of defense against the elements. But as a hedge against worst-case scenarios in the woods or during natural disasters, a basic survival blanket could be the difference between staying alive or perishing. Hypothermia is one of the top killers in the outdoors, and a Mylar or Mylar-coated blanket reflects body warmth back to the individual, dramatically reduces heat loss and increases the chances of survival. In addition to keeping you warm, there are countless uses for an emergency blanket, depending on its weight and construction. Here are but a few.

Rain Shelter

World's Toughest Emergency Blankets
Emergency blankets also make good emergency shelters.Amazon

Most survival blankets are waterproof. While a blanket with grommets can be strung up like a tarp, even a non-grommeted blanket can be wrapped like a shawl or worn as a makeshift poncho to help weather the worst of any storm.

Tent Footprint

Arcturus Heavy Duty Survival Blanket
The key to any reliable survival blanket is its ability to insulate and reflect body heat.Amazon

A 5x7 heavy duty survival blanket is about the ideal footprint for a two-man tent. It creates a waterproof barrier between the tent floor and the ground, and with the Mylar side up it will reflect body heat away from the ground to keep you warmer at night.

Bug-Out Bags

Swiss Safe Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets
Emergency blankets don’t weight much and don’t soak up storage space, so it pays to keep a few in places, like in a vehicle, where you might need one.Amazon

Because of their light weight, a basic mylar blanket is an ideal addition to your bug-out bag or a survival kit stashed in the trunk of a car. They are so light that packing several blankets is a good idea, since many survival situations affect multiple people at once.