The Best Ice Fishing Bibs

A rundown of the best ice fishing clothing for comfort, convenience, and safety.
Two men walking on ice
One of these two ice anglers is going to get cold—very cold. Pexels

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Best for Beginners

The Ice Armors are the best beginner bibs.

IceArmor by Clam Rise Bibs

Best for Extreme Cold

The Striker Ice Climate Bibs are best for touch conditions.

Striker Ice Climate Bibs

Best Lightweight

We tested the Simms Challenger Insulated Bibs.

Simms Challenger Insulated Bibs

If you’re ice fishing, it’s cold. It has to be. That’s why many ice anglers gravitate toward the comfort of a warm, dry shelter, ranging anywhere from a compact, portable hub to a tandem axle wheel house equipped with satellite TV and sleeping space for a crew. However, experience has taught us that shelter-bound anglers invariably catch fewer fish than those who spend their time outside, searching for fish rather than waiting for fish to find them. That means mobility in extreme cold. Modern fishing clothing has become a key component of the contemporary ice angler’s arsenal, keeping mobile hole-hoppers safe, warm and dry while exposed to the elements. And of all ice fishing clothing, nothing is more essential than a quality set of ice fishing bibs.

The best ice fishing bibs incorporate additional features to enhance the hardwater experience. Early- and late-ice anglers appreciate the peace of mind provided by floating ice fishing bibs, should thin ice lead to an unexpected swim in frigid water. Contemporary fishing apparel also accounts for differences in body shapes, sizes, and genders. Creature comforts including well-placed pockets for hands and cell phones, and handy attachment points for tools, line cutters, and other ice fishing essentials elevate the best ice fishing bibs from simple pieces of clothing to essential ice fishing gear.

How I Evaluated the Best Ice Fishing Bibs

Ice fishing bibs serve as the foundation for a technical apparel system designed to keep anglers comfortable and safe. At the most fundamental level, all ice fishing bibs must keep anglers warm and dry. Because many intrepid anglers go out in temperatures well below zero, keeping warm is not merely optional – it’s vital. Insulated ice fishing bibs must be both efficient and effective at trapping heat, while at the same time being lightweight so that anglers retain their mobility and agility. In addition, ice fishing bibs must keep anglers dry, from both the outside and the inside. Obviously, waterproof ice fishing bibs must have a durable, impermeable shell – guarding against water, ice and snow from the outside – while also being breathable, so that perspiration and moisture created while walking, drilling, and setting the hook can easily escape.

Best for Beginners: IceArmor by Clam Rise Bibs

If you’re new to ice fishing, choose ice fishing bibs that will keep you warm and dry, and last until you’re ready to know what you want in a more feature-rich pair. Even an entry-level set of ice fishing bibs will be warmer and drier than the cold weather fishing gear you might wear in late fall or spring. Expect entry-level bibs to keep you comfortable on the ice in moderate conditions – temperatures in the teens with light winds. Most bibs at this price level won’t feature much in the way of creature comforts, but they will get the job done and keep you where the action is: out on the ice, rather than huddled inside a shelter.

Ice Armor by Clam Rise bibs feature warm insulation and Motion Float technology, keeping you safe and comfortable on the ice. Its waterproof construction keeps you warm and dry, while reflective material throughout enhances your safety in low-light conditions.

Best for Extreme Cold: Striker Ice Climate Bibs

Few ice fishing trips coincide with perfect weather conditions. Single digit temperatures, strong winds and horizontal snow keep many ice anglers in shelters or on shore. But with the right ice fishing bibs, challenging weather will no longer separate you from the fish you’re chasing.

Heavy-duty ice fishing bibs will include more insulation than entry-level bibs, while also remaining waterproof, breathable and comfortable. Look for bibs that include an integrated floatation system for safety and articulated knees to enhance your mobility on the ice. Some of the best bibs at this level include a variety of value-enhancing features including fleece-lined hand pockets, multiple attachment points for tools or other essentials, and a central cell phone pocket to keep your device warm and ready for the next photo-op.

Striker Ice Climate fishing bibs are the perfect choice for the ice angler who fishes outside throughout the entire season. These bibs feature Surefloat floatation assist technology and Thermadex insulation, and include magnetic storm flap closures, towels, and smart pockets so you can fish effectively, longer, and safer.

Best Lightweight: Simms Challenger Insulated Bibs

Ice fishing apparel has evolved during the past decade, as heavy, bulky ice fishing bibs have largely given way to comfortable outerwear designed to be lightweight and flexible, allowing anglers to retain their mobility while decreasing fatigue. Today’s ice fishing bibs incorporate light, extremely efficient insulating and floatation materials, encased within durable, yet waterproof and breathable shells.

Contemporary lightweight ice fishing bibs are engineered with high-mobility anglers in mind who may drill, clean, and fish upwards of 100 holes (or more) on any given day. Those anglers need ice fishing bibs that keep them safe, warm and dry without a lot of weight, flexibility at the hips and knees, and efficient internal moisture transport and breathability for long-lasting comfort.

Simms Challenger insulated bibs are perfect for the angler that demands high performance in a lightweight, flexible package. The Simms Challenger bibs have a shell of waterproof nylon with strategically placed abrasion panels for endless hours of fishing in cold, wet conditions. These bibs feature PrimaLoft Insulation, a center-front zipper with waterproof storm flap, adjustable suspenders for comfortable fit, and convenient handwarmer pockets.

Best for Women: StrikeMaster Allie Bib

Women ice anglers no longer are stuck with choosing a smaller size of men’s ice fishing bibs to fit. Manufacturers now make ice fishing gear – especially apparel –engineered to a woman’s proportions, delivering a more comfortable on-ice experience.

Contemporary women’s ice fishing bibs embrace all of the angler-friendly features of men’s ice fishing bibs – efficient insulation, floatation and waterproof, breathable construction – while being tailored to comfort and performance.

StrikeMaster Allie bibs were conceptualized and developed by women, for women. Allie bibs encase Stay-on-Surface floatation technology and lightweight insulation within a premium nylon ripstop shell. Layers of foam padding in the knees, tool attachment points, magnetic storm closures and zip-off bib tops enhance their functionality and versatility.

Best for Kids: Striker Youth Predator Bibs

Young anglers are the future of ice fishing, and positive experiences on the ice will ensure that today’s youngsters carry on the sport as adults. While fish-catching action – and lots of it – is important to a young ice angler, comfort and safety on the ice is paramount. A cold and wet kid won’t’ be having any fun, no matter how many fish might be hitting the ice,

Youth ice fishing clothing is rapidly undergoing a transformation to become just as functional and comfortable as adult ice fishing clothing. The best ice fishing bibs for youngsters now include floatation, efficient insulation, waterproof and breathable construction, and a variety of other features that have migrated from adult ice fishing apparel. Keep those kids warm and dry, and they’ll be as excited for their next ice fishing trip as you are.

Striker Predator youth bibs are the first cold weather bibs to include floatation for the aspiring ice angler. A tough nylon shell surrounds Surefloat floatation assist technology and lightweight, breathable insulation. Reflective elements throughout add an element of safety, and adjustable inseams allow these ice fishing bibs to grow along with the kids that wear them.

Best Budget: Carhartt Quilt-Lined Bibs

Premium ice fishing bibs, like the models described above, carry a wealth of features and functions to keep anglers warm, dry, and safe under a wide range of wintry conditions. Floatation technology as well as lightweight, breathable materials are hard to come by when you spend less than $100. However, you can still find a pair of cheap ice fishing bibs that will keep you comfortable on the ice when hole-hopping for short periods of time, or for those trips when you plan to spend most of your time in a shelter or a vehicle.

Carhartt Quilt-Lined bibs are surprisingly warm and pull double duty as durable work clothing for chopping firewood or even busting through the cattails for late season pheasant or grouse. While not as waterproof as dedicated ice fishing bibs, Carhartt bibs do shed water, ice and snow, and can be a good choice for the casual ice angler.


Q: Are ice fishing bibs worth it?

Absolutely. Staying warm and dry are crucial to enjoying a trip on the ice, and quality ice fishing bibs function as the “shelter that you wear.” Efficient insulation traps body heat to keep you warm, while breathable construction transports moisture away from your body to keep you dry. Water- and ice-proof exterior shells guarantee that the elements won’t stand in the way of your next trophy catch.

Q: Can you adjust the length of ice fishing bibs?

The length of all ice fishing bibs can be adjusted by lengthening or shortening the bib’s shoulder straps. You’ll want to keep the bibs snug to your legs and torso to retain warmth, and prevent them from drooping or sagging so your mobility on the ice won’t be impeded. Some ice fishing bibs also feature adjustable inseams to accommodate different boot styles. Many youth ice fishing bibs have adjustable leg lengths to accommodate a young ice angler’s growth through the seasons.

Q: What is the best ice fishing clothing?

The best ice fishing clothing is designed to keep you warm, dry on the inside and out, and afloat in case you go through the ice – all in a lightweight package that enhances your mobility and fun. If you’re new to ice fishing, be sure to include ice fishing clothing, and especially ice fishing bibs, in your list of must-own equipment.

Final Thoughts on the Best Ice Fishing Bibs

Dedicated ice fishing bibs are comfortable to wear and warm because of their design and insulation. They’re a smart investment for anyone who goes ice fishing, and they’ll last.