The best survival skills, info, tricks, projects, and gear for families, hunters, anglers, and even the most hardcore preppers.



If you don’t have basic survival skills, you’re as good as dead when SHTF. Lucky for you, our tips, tricks, gear recommendations, and survival expertise will help you prepare for everything from getting lost in the woods to the worst possible natural disaster or apocalypse scenario. Our articles and videos demonstrate the most useful techniques for fire-making, shelter-building, foraging, plant identification, camp cooking, navigation, hydration, first-aid, emergency signaling, and more. Hear about the most grueling survival situations in history and in the news to learn what survivors did right, and what cost others their lives. 

Prepare for natural disasters and national emergencies with go-bag gear and off-the-grid homesteading tricks for food preservation, food storage, water filtration, solar cooking, and more. Build every kind of bug-out-bag you need, with recommendations for the first-aid gear and must-have emergency tools. Learn to identify and treat hypothermia, shock, wounds, dehydration, snake bites, poison ivy rashes, and more critical conditions. Become proficient in the most essential woodcraft and bushcraft skills, like how to tie knots, sharpen knives, read a topo map, use a compass, and signal to rescuers.