There has been a revolution in coffee making over the past decade, with one’s choice and style of java becoming about as personalized as his or her fingerprints. Whether you take your espresso straight or Americano, or just want the perfect latte, a French coffee press is the best way to get exactly what you desire at home or in camp. They’re small enough to travel with and offer ultimate control over your morning Joe. To get every day started off right, consider these key features when searching for a coffee press.

Glass Beaker

A glass press makes it easy to inspect the contents before you drink. Amazon

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A glass beaker is the standard for French coffee presses because glass is so resistant to the rapid temperature changes involved in coffee making. Glass also offers the clearest view of the press in action to help you develop the perfect pressing speed and technique for extracting the best flavor from your grind.

Press Volume

If you need to make multiple cups of coffee for others, a press with a large capacity works best. Amazon

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The great thing about a French press is you can make barista coffee just for yourself or for a house full of guests. A press with a 1-liter beaker will make up to eight 4-ounce cups.

Lightweight Plastic

Whatever press design you prefer, make sure it’s made from non-BPA plastic. Amazon

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For smaller servings and greater versatility, a BPA-free plastic press offers the best combination of performance and portability. Use it every morning at home for espresso or Americano, or pack it off to camp, the lake, or a beach house to make sure every day starts with the perfect brew.