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Big Game

Elk Hunting Tips: The Basics of Long-Range Scouting

Next to deer, the big-game animal most whitetail hunters want to pursue is bull elk. They are big and dramatic, and so is the country they call home.

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Bullet Deflection Test

The bull is standing broadside just behind that screen of brush. Do you shoot through the limbs and hope your bullet punches home? Or do you wait for a clear shot, even if it means the elk might get away?

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Big Game Articles

Backcountry Optics

Live Hunt host, Aron Snyder, reviews some of the best glass and spotting gear on the...

Tent Test

Live Hunt's Aron Snyder puts Nemo's new Moto 1P through its paces on a midwinter coyote...

Montana Elk

This horseback hunt for elk is like stepping back in time.

Muley Battle

Two muleys battle it out on the Southwest Desert.

Albino Bear

Amazing photos of an albino black bear found in Montana!

DIY Moose Call

Even if you never call in a 60-inch bull, you’ll be able to impress your hunting...

  • July 11, 2014

    Bowhunting Prep: Fletching Your Arrows - 0

    Time to pick up some new arrows? After visiting the local pro-shop, hunters often start shooting arrows right out of the box. Many don't consider how their new arrows were fletched, or the crucial role those feathers play.

    Bowhunters–especially those who shoot fixed-blade broadheads–have to account for the blades on the front of the arrow and their tendency to steer the shaft. Larry Wise explains how to fletch your arrows to achieve consistent flight and accuracy.

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  • July 10, 2014

    How to Be a Better Bowhunter: Train to Hit - 0

    Photo by: Mark Raycroft

    The traits that separate elite bowhunters from the masses are attention to detail and rigorous training. These are year-round archers, and here’s how they push themselves to become deadly hunters. [ Read Full Post ]

  • July 9, 2014

    Kid-Friendly States: 5 Affordable Places to Take a Child Hunting - 1

    I love Montana for its outdoor opportunities. But when it comes to accommodating youth hunters, my home state could learn a thing or two. Just ask my son, Jack, who wants nothing more than to stalk deer and elk but needs to wait another year until he turns 12 to do it here at home. Fortunately, several states understand that recruiting new hunters is critical and have taken steps to make it happen.

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  • July 8, 2014

    Video: Lumberjack Rescues Black Bear With Forwarder - 0

    The only time I've ever used a claw machine at the arcade when I was a kid, and those stuffed animals always seemed to slip away. But this Wisconsin lumberjack is a pro. In this video logger Garrett Smith expertly manuevers his forwarder to pluck a milk jug off the head of a struggling black bear.

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  • July 8, 2014

    Elk Hunting Tips: The Basics of Long-Range Scouting - 0

    Next to deer, the big-game animal most whitetail hunters want to pursue is bull elk. They are big and dramatic, and so is the country they call home. Millions of acres of elk habitat are open to the public and offer free camping and hunting, no guides required. You can make your own elk-hunting adventure, but first you have to find the elk. 

    Unlike whitetails, elk can be here today, gone tomorrow. When they’re disturbed, they’ll run several miles and put at least two big ridges between themselves and trouble. But if undisturbed, they can be patterned, and that’s how you find them—even from thousands of miles away. 

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  • July 7, 2014

    Video: Backcountry Hunter Gets Extremely Close to Curious Deer - 0

    Check out this recently uploaded YouTube video of hunter Travis Schneider playing hide-and-seek with a buck and a doe. 

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  • July 3, 2014

    Bowhunting Prep: Proper Head Position - 0

    Here's a finer point of shooting form that often gets missed: is your chin level at full draw? Take a couple shots and have a buddy watch you draw and shoot. If you have to move around to find your peep site or if your chin isn't level at full draw … it's time to move that peep site or evaluate the overall fit of your bow. 

    If you want to consistently shoot tight groups, you have to practice repeatable form, and that includes your noggin.

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