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3 Great Ways to Store Gear in Your Truck

Keep your fishing, hunting, and camping gear organized and in good condition with a storage box

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If you are looking for a way to organize everything from hunting boots to camping equipment, tools, fishing gear, and more, you can hardly go wrong with a standard truck toolbox. Tradesmen know them as the carry-all box that keeps their tools handy when they need them and secure when they don’t. They’ll do the same thing for sportsmen. Here are a few types to consider.

Side-Swing Boxes

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If you only need a bit of storage space and don’t want to sacrifice bed length, a side-mounted, lockable tool chest is the perfect solution. They swing forward on a hinge for access and then fold securely out of the way when not in use. They do, however, require tapping into your truck bed for mounting, so be sure this style is right for you before breaking out the drill.

Saddle Boxes

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A traditional saddle box offers the most convenience and room of just about any truck box configuration. The downsides are that you will be giving up a bit of bed space, as well as the ability to mount a topper shell on the bed. But if you want a roomy and sturdy option, this is probably the most popular box style available.

Bed Boxes

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For a low-profile option, a simple bed box that can be mounted either in the bed or under the chassis of larger trucks is a great way to add secure storage. Bed boxes have the advantage of being out of sight of tool thieves, and while you won’t get as much room as an over-the-rail saddle box, you can also use them in conjunction with a topper or on a hitch-mounted cargo rack.