3 Reasons You Need an Electric Grill

Electric grills are easy to use, clean, and can prepare food that’s juicier than meals over charcoal or propane

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Ever since George Foreman introduced the world to his “Lean, Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine” in the mid-1990s, electric grills have only become more popular. They cook with less smoke, produce fewer calories from fat, and are a favorite among home cooks who need a quick way to whip up tasty meals with the look and taste of more time-consuming methods. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for your next electric grill.

Tabletop Models

Nonstick Coating

Small And Great

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The original George Foreman grill had just enough room to handle a few burgers or paninis, a sloped surface to drain fat, and a hinged lid for even heating and to lock in flavor. That style is just as popular as ever, available both from the Foreman brand as well as other classic names in grilling, like Char-Broil and Weber.

Stand-up Grills

East To Use

Adjustable Temperature Control

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Need more of a traditional outdoor cooking surface? Free-standing electric grills for the back deck or patio are a great way to entertain without worrying about the smoke and mess of charcoal or wood. Some even convert from stand use to tabletop to ensure you can still get your grill on even if you have to move operations.

Electric Infrared Grills

Best Design

Four Color Options

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One twist on the electric grill is infrared technology, which uses a heat collector directly above the electric element to promote even cooking and fat drainage. This reduces flare-ups and charring, and without all the dripping makes clean-up easier than with traditional grills.