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How to Make a PVC Chum Tube

Attract more fish with this durable tube that costs less than $10 to make

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What You Need
—10 to 12 inches of 2-inch Schedule 40 PVC pipe
—PVC cement
—1 2-inch PVC socket cap
—1 2-inch PVC hub with threaded
—male reducer
—1 2-inch PVC threaded FPT cap
—1 ³⁄₈ x 1-inch stainless-steel eyebolt with washer and nylon lock nut
—20 inches of ¼-​inch nylon cord
—1 carabiner or
—snap hook


Step 1
Use sandpaper to rough up the outer ends of the PVC pipe and inside the socket cap and hub collars.

Step 2
Apply a liberal amount of PVC cement around one of the scored ends and seat the pipe into the socket cap. Repeat on the other end with the hub.


Step 3
Drill a hole through the center of the FPT cap. Insert the eyebolt, add the washer and lock nut, and tighten.

Step 4
Tie on a loop of cord with a carabiner or snap hook for quick attachment to a boat cleat or stern lift.


Step 5
Drill multiple holes through the barrel of the PVC pipe. A ¹⁹⁄₆₄-inch bit will allow larger chum particles to leach out at a reasonable pace.

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