Sand-X Tops out at 115 mph, is the World’s Fastest Tracked ATV

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Sand-X claims that they have built The World’s fastest and safest Tracked All Terrain Vehicle (T-ATV). But How safe can a vehicle that allegedly does 185 kilometers an hour (115 MPH) and accelerates to 100 km/h (62 MPH) in just 2.8 seconds actually be? The Sand-X T-ATV currently comes in two models; a militarized T-ATV1200 powered by a Rotax 4-stroke fuel-injecting 1,200cc engine and it’s slightly tamer 2-stroke 800cc engine.

The website also claims: The Sand-X T-ATV1200 is designed to conquer all kind of terrains which includes the safe operation on: sand, desert sand dunes, mud, rocky terrain, gravel, hard packed/thick/loose dirt, snow, ice, shallow water, pavement/road.

I was hoping to do a test ride but my budget does not permit me to travel to their headquarters in Dubai.

Make sure to see the snowmobile with wheels, I mean the T-ATV1200 in action on YouTube