Should You Buy Turf Saving Tires for Your ATV?

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Owning an ATV or side by side is all fun and games until you make the mistake of running one with stock tires that have an aggressive tread across a lush green lawn. Factory tires on most machines will lift grass from the roots and damage expensive lawns.

Getting a “turf friendly” tire can greatly reduced the damage caused by the machine — riding lawn mowers come with turf friendly tires for this very purpose. Many tire manufacturers have a selection of these tires, but you should hold off on getting them until you decide exactly how you will use your machine. Changing the tires on your ATV or SxS can be expensive. But having a lighter tread can be beneficial if you plan to use the machine for several different tasks or for maintaining a facility during the workweek. Sometimes staying off sensitive ground might be the cheapest way to enjoy your off-road machine.

Turf tires commonly have a flatter tread contact patch and smaller tightly spaced knobs or lugs. The purpose is to eliminate the pressure on each individual lug and spread the load on the tire out over the entire contact patch. These tires are also widely used for racing on hard surfaces or in slick conditions. If you use these tires on concrete or pavement, they may smooth out the ride; they will definitely reduce the noise level.

Pictured: Carlisle All Trail Turf Tire