Tony Hansen

Tony Hansen


Tony Hansen is a contributing writer to Outdoor Life. A Michigan native, he lives in the southern Michigan community where he grew up chasing deer, turkeys, and football-sized smallmouths with the most meaningful catch of his life, his wife, Nichole.


  • Primary hunting passions are whitetails and turkeys
  • Was named a QDMA Signpost Communicator of the Year (2016)
  • Finds 4-footers on Lake Erie to be a mild nuisance while pursuing 5-pound smallmouth


Hansen has contributed to Outdoor Life for more than a decade and has hunted whitetails and turkeys all across the United States. The bulk of his hunting is done on heavily pressured lands available to the public. As a Michigan resident, he has access to the finest smallmouth fisheries in the world and tries to take full advantage of that.


Hansen earned his degree in journalism from Michigan State University. Spartans Will.

Words of Wisdom

“Shoot them in the lungs and the rest takes care of itself.”

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