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ATV Gear Review: Bosski 1600 AL ATV Wagon

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Bosski 1600 AL ATV Wagon
MSRP: $1899

ATV and UTV camping, hunting and fishing adventures off the beaten path are an exciting and relaxing way to unplug from the world and reboot your brain. The racks or beds on these machines generally get the job done for adventures close to home that don’t require hundreds of pounds of supplies. To reach some of the best destinations, however, additional provisions to supplement days of travel are just too much to handle without a capable trailer to help transport the cargo. The Bosski 1600 AL ATV Wagon is large, well built, has theability to haul over 1,200 pounds of cargo into the backcountry, and is quite possibly the best adventure trailer on the market.

I did a lot of preliminary testing around my property to see how much cargo the 1600 AL would hold, how well the brakes functioned, and how efficiently the trailer could articulate off-camber terrain. However, I felt a daylong “torture test” was in order to truly test the 1600 AL’s full potential. So, I attached it to my Yamaha Rhino 700, dropped an extra five-gallon can of gas into the fuel can holder, buckled my son into the Rhino, and headed out onto the trails with a convoy of Rhinos and ATV’s.

With me in the lead and the gas pedal nailed to the floor, I hammered down a long, straight dirt road full of craters. Two miles into the ride, I stopped to allow the stragglers to catch up, and used this time to reposition some Go Pro cameras I had mounted on the trailer. Once they caught up, I was met with laughter because none of my compadres had ever seen an ATV trailer towed that fast or bounce that high before.

We then headed off the road and onto a tight, winding trail littered with dozens of giant puddles filled with smelly stagnant water. The Rhino pulled the Bosski through the muck with minimal effort, thanks to the large 25-inch flotation tires and 11 inches of ground clearance. Measuring 47 inches wide, the Bosski is big but still slimmer than the Rhino. I was able to weave it through tight trees and other obstacles as long as the Rhino fit through.

When the trees opened up, we approached a steep hilly section chock full of jagged boulders the size of giant beach balls. The further I drove on the trail, the bigger the rocks seemed to grow. The Bosski bounced around a lot, due in part to the fact that I didn’t have it fullyloaded. Otherwise, the 1600 AL handled the terrain rather impressively. In fact, I towed the 1600 AL up a gnarly, boulder-strewn climb that several riders following me refused to attempt. Towing the Bosski with a UTV like the Rhino gave me the confidence to negotiate those obstacles than if I was on an ATV.

The rest of the day was spent with repeated jaunts through rocks, high-speed sections, and tight winding trails. The Bosski held up very well, and at the end of the day, reassured my opinion that it is possibly the best adventure trailer I’ve tested to date.

- The 1600 AL took a beating and suffered no failures
- 45 cubic feet of cargo space
- Stout, but lightweight construction
- Excellent ground clearance
- Ability to handle nearly any type of terrain
- Electric drum brakes make stopping a fully loaded trailer much safer
- Integrated cargo rack allows gear to be strapped on top of the trailer
- Aluminum body will remain rust-free forever

- Requires a bigger ATV or SxS to haul a full load over sketchy terrain
- 6 ply tires would be an excellent addition

Key Features
- 1,260-pound cargo capacity
- ?-inch thick TIG welded aluminum body
- Twin 800lb Torsion Bar axles with 25-inch flotation tires
- Electric brakes with an integrated brake controller
- Powder coated 2″x 2″ square tube frame
- Fuel Can Holder
- Integrated Cargo Rack
- 11 inches of ground clearance

Overall: 47″ W x 113″ L x 44″ H
Bed: 45″ W x 73″ L x 24″ H

Volume: 45 Cubic ft.
GVWR: 1,600 pounds
Weight Empty: 337 pounds