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ATV Gear Review: RevArc HD 90″ UTV Ramp

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RevArc HD 90″ UTV Ramp

Over the last six months, I’ve used the RevArc HD 90″ UTV Ramp to load ATVs, SxSs, and even my garden tractor into the back of several pickup trucks and trailers. These ramps proved to be some of the sturdiest I’ve ever come across. There are two key features that set them apart from much of the competition. First, all RevArc ramps are arched to allow machines to be loaded or unloaded at safer angles than if they were simply straight. Second, the RevArc HD has a weight capacity of 2,100 pounds, which means they’ll be able to handle nearly any ATV or SxS on the market. It’s very likely they’ll be the last set of ramps you’ll ever buy.

Folding and unfolding the ramp can be done with one person, but it will take a little extra effort since they’re very wide. The top of the ramps feature a rubber coating that helps it to grip the truck bed. Additionally, an integrated nylon strap allows the ramps to be securely tethered to the hitch of the truck, also helping to prevent the ramp from slipping off the tailgate.

I’ve had several friends hurt themselves or damage their equipment while loading or unloading their equipment, the worst injury being a broken back. After using a pair of homemade ramps for the last five or six years, the RevArc HD has been a godsend. It provided me with the confidence to do this job safely and efficiently, and ultimately prevent me from having to be scraped off the ground after a ramp mishap. That feeling of security alone is worth the three hundred bucks!

– The RevArc HD can handle nearly any ATV or SxS on the market.
– Aluminum construction will never deteriorate if left out in the weather.
– Folds to less than 22 inches wide and 9 inches high, making it easy to store under the machine when transporting.
– Nylon safety strap allows ramp to be tethered to the truck for safe loading.
– Arched ramp design makes loading/unloading safer; helps to prevent rollovers.
– 2,100 pound weight capacity.
– Limited lifetime warranty.

– The large size could pose handling issues for owners that don’t have a helper.
– At 90 inches long, quite a bit of the ramp hangs out of the bed when stuffed in a small truck.

-Folded Dimension: 90 inches x 21.75 inches
-Unfolded Dimension: 90 inches x 64 inches
-Load Capacity: 2,100 pounds
-Storage Height: 9 inches
-Rung Spacing: 4.75 inches