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ATV Gear: Reversaroller Turns 1 Winch into 2

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Having a winch on the front of your ATV is no longer an optional accessory for trail riders. It’s no longer if you get stuck, but when you get stuck.

Steep terrain can stop your exploring–sometimes with damage and injury. There are many situations where a front winch won’t work, like going down a hill that ends up being too steep to safely navigate and it is impossible to turn around safely and use your front mounted winch. The Reversaroller solves this problem without you having to purchase an extra winch. It allows a front-mounted winch to pull your quad rearward by attaching to the front winch mount with the winch cable running under the ATV and through a link at the back to prevent flipping over. Terrain once too steep to navigate now becomes accessible.

Here are some useful applications for reverse winching:
– Safely testing swift or deep water crossings (see video below)
– Assisting someone behind you without having to turn around
– Increasing available options to winch out of bad places
– Winching forward down a steep section of trail (forward descent winching)
– Retreating from dangerous, steep terrain
– Reducing the possibility of personal injuries or damage to your ATV
– Safer loading of your ATV on trailer

Have you ever been in a situation where you wished you had a rear winch? Tell us your stories in the comments section.