Potheads Pick Up Cougar

College kids try to help injured predator
Outdoor Life Online Editor

College kids think they have it all figured out, especially when they’re under the influence. When three young men were cruising down a Colorado highway they saw what appeared to be an injured cat. Being good Samaritans, they decided to take the feline to a 24-hour veterinarian, but were surprised by the immense size of the animal, 65 pounds to be exact. Maybe it was a bobcat or a lynx, one of them pondered.

At the next town, the trio flagged down a sheriff from the side of the road. The sheriff looked at the animal and told the men it was a mountain lion. He also told the men he smelled marijuana. Two of the college kids were ticketed for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Perhaps the three will pay more attention to their studies and learn to identify vicious predators whose diets include eating deer and cattle.