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Check These 5 Things Before You Ride Your New ATV

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Nothing is more exciting than buying your first—or next—new ATV. But there are several things you should check before you take the rig out on the trail. Let’s face it: during assembly, things can be forgotten and you owe it to yourself to check on these few safety related items. The dealership is in charge of each of these safety items when prepping the machine for delivery to the customer but sometimes things can get overlooked.

1. Wheel lugs
The very first thing I do before climbing on a new ATV is to check the tightness of the wheel lugs. In some cases, wheels are installed on the machine after it reaches the dealership, and you want to be sure they are tight.

2. Tire Air Pressure
Sometimes just looking at an ATV tire can be misleading. You need to check the air pressure to be sure of proper inflation. Ill pressured tires can create handling issues that could cause you to loose control of the ATV.

3. Oil Level
Maintaining the proper oil level is insurance for the engine and your warranty. Oil is the lifeblood of the engine. This is something you should do before every ride, but especially before your first.

4. Brakes
This is obvious, but making sure your brakes are working properly could be the difference between you enjoying the day on the trail or spending it in the emergency room. Just do it.

5. Rider Position
Before you go anywhere, just sit on the machine and make sure all of the brake levers, handle bars, and throttle controls are within reach and comfortable. Do not hesitate to ask the dealership or salesperson to adjust anything that you feel is not in the perfect position for your riding style.