Most big deer stories end with nothing more than a big smile and a bloody tongue. _Outdoor Life’_s Deer Scene Investigation takes you deeper than the grip-and-grin. This new web series on uses satellite imagery, trail cam photos, and a history of the wind and weather to tell the complete story behind heart-racing high-quality whitetail hunts. It’s about more than how these bucks were killed, it’s about how they were born, how they lived, and what they were doing when they met their end.

Host Neil Dougherty of NorthCountry Whitetails professionally manages land for wild, free-ranging quality deer. And over the past 20 years he’s helped his clients harvest more mature deer through planting and habitat development. Each episode highlights one buck, hunted in some cases over more than one year. Neil narrates using information from interviews with the hunter and from data gathered while managing the property. If there’s a forensic science of deer hunting, this is it.

Tune in each Tuesday at noon EST as we investigate 12 of these hunts. Then check back each Thursday as Dougherty details a tactic the hunter used in the previous episode.

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