A South African kayak angler successfully landed and dehooked a sailfish using his hat as an improvised fish glove.

Jasper Pons was fishing for queen mackerel off the coast of Westbrook when a sailfish grabbed one of his baits, GrindTV reports. This alone would have made for a sporty situation, but when a second sail decided to crash the party, life took a turn for the interesting.

With two hot sails racing off in different directions, Pons had his hands full until a fellow angler paddled up to help with the second sail. Pons eventually worked the billfish to his kayak, but realized he had a problem: no fish glove.

A sailfish’s bill sports a raspy surface that’s tough on the unprotected hand. Grabbing this natural handle is the best way to control the fish for dehooking while also neutralizing the hazard of this briny weapon.

With some quick thinking improvisation, Pons grabbed the hat off his head, fashioned an impromptu landing glove and successfully dehooked and released the sailfish.

Forgive the pun, but hats off to this adaptive angler.