Former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr in an Oct. 26 blog-column in the Atlanta Journal Constitution warns that global anti-gun zealots are “on ethe brink of success.”

“The folks at United Nations headquarters in New York City, and our ‘allies’ at Number 10 Downing Street in London, must be rubbing their hands with glee. Gun control groups here and abroad likewise are at last quietly cheering. Why?” he writes. “After a decade and a half of pushing unsuccessfully to secure America’s support for a legally-binding, international instrument to regulate the marketing, transfer and brokering in firearms, they are now on the brink of success. The process of formally negotiating an Arms Trade Treaty (“ATT”) now has Washington’s seal of approval; announced October 14th by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.”

What would this for American gun owners, Barr asks?

” … for Second Amendment purposes, a legally-binding instrument purporting to regulate illicit international transfers of firearms, would necessarily touch domestic activities. For example, in order to know and regulate international transfers, the UN folks would have to know what firearms were being manufactured, stocked, and purported to be transferred within each country,” he writes.

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