Former National Rifle Association spokesman and American Shooting Sports Council Executive Director Richard Feldman has formed a new gun rights group — the Independent Firearms Owners Association — that will not only push for pro-Second Amendment policies, but lobby for marijuana legalization.

Strange mix?

Not so, writes Feldman in a recent Daily Kos blog.

“In our zeal to put violent criminals out of business we’ve corrupted our law enforcement community with lure of asset forfeitures, giving rise to financial incentives to bust people after they sell the drugs so they can seize cash and property. Before asset forfeiture laws, standard procedure had been to simply destroy the drugs!” he writes.

This “perverted capitalism in an Orwellian form” influences and degrades the entire Bill of Rights, writes Feldman, an attorney and former police officer.

Therefore, he argues, the “War on Drugs” is a war on the Constitution. “Our founding fathers would collectively vomit if they saw what we’ve created in the very name of protecting our sacred individual civil liberty, freedom and personal actions,” Feldman writes.

He describes the IFOA as “an advocacy organization that intends to change the tone and output of many criminal justice and cultural policy debates that need a thoughtful re-examination in the light of 21st century technology and protection of the individual citizen over the ever encroaching collective power of the state.”

What’s your take on this new group?

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