Tactical Range Box Doubles as a Shooting Rest

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I’ve been doing a good deal of shooting this spring, trying out a new shotgun for turkey hunting and some hog hunting rifles. The first time getting ready for the shooting range, I found myself loading up a couple of cardboard boxes with ammunition, spare optics, targets, tools, and all the other stuff you need for shooting a new gun.

Preparing for the range the second time, I remembered I had a Tactical Range Box from MTM Case-Gard sitting in my closet. I’ve used the Tactical Range Box a half dozen times so far, and I won’t be putting in any serious range time without it.

The deep bottom of the Tactical Range Box holds eight boxes of rifle ammo, plus targets and various longer items like cleaning rod sections. The detachable top compartment has 18 smaller dividers to hold your ear plugs, screw drivers, Allen wrenches, oil and solvent bottles, and all the rest.

One of the most helpful aspects of the Tactical Range Box is that is also doubles as a handy and effective shooting rest, thanks to a pair of adjustable gun forks. The forks feature soft, over-molded rubber padding, and they fit into slots molded into the Range Box’s bottom compartment. Once attached, the forks provide a steady rest. The Range Box also includes a 5.56mm NATO or 223 magazine well fork — slide the bottom of the fork into one of the slots, and slip the magazine well of your AR into the other end, and you have a secure, hands-free gun cleaning platform, on the range or at home.

Made from chemical resistant polypropylene. Outside dimensions are 24.6 inches long x 11.3 inches wide x 8.3 inches high.

MSRP: $49.95