Last March, the conducted a survey of 15,000 current, former or retired law enforcement officers from across the U.S. regarding gun control policies and the root causes of, and potential solutions to, gun crime in the U.S. The website is dedicated to covering law enforcement-related issues for 400,000 registered members who are all individually-verified federal, state or local law enforcement professionals.

Although some preliminary results were leaked during last April’s debate on the first gun control package proposed in the U.S. Senate since 1994 — all seven proposed bills were ultimately rejected — formally released the survey’s final results on Feb. 10.

The survey results confirm a complete and utter disconnect between gun control zealots and reality with 86 percent — nearly 13,000 of 15,000 respondents — stating that gun control laws “would have no effect or a negative effect on improving officer safety.”

So, while anti-gunners chisel away at your fundamental rights in the name of your “safety,” those who put their lives on the line to safeguard public safety in the real world say gun control is ineffective as a crime-fighting tool and, in fact, makes life a whole lot more dangerous for everyone.

“These men and women — most of whom actually work the street — have a front row seat to see gun violence in America,” writes PoliceOne Firearms Corner columnist Ron Avery. “They put their lives at risk when they do their jobs, actually coming face-to-face with violent encounters involving firearms.”

Also: More than 91 percent of survey respondents say concealed carry by civilians would not increase crime, with 75 percent saying concealed carry actually lowers crime.

While this result may be a surprise to some, it’s common sense to those who must contend with the realities of the real world.

“This is an overwhelming response by those whose job it is to actually deal with this issue on the front lines,” he said. “What checks the sociopath from completing his act is fear. Fear of the unknown or known gun carrier who is going to punch his ticket to hell right then and right there. This has an immediate effect on reducing violent criminal activity.”

Perhaps most striking: More than 81 percent of respondents favor arming teachers, school administrators and/or other properly trained and vetted campus staff.

“Yet,” Avery writes, “with a few notable exceptions, most teachers and school officials are opposed to this measure. Overcoming this kind of resistance will be a major roadblock to making our schools safer.”

Other results:
• 92 percent say banning semi-automatic firearms, or “assault weapons,” would have no effect or a negative effect on reducing violent crime

• 91 percent say the use of a firearm while perpetrating a crime should lead to a stiff, mandatory sentence with no plea bargains.

• 59 percent say increasing punishment severity for unlicensed dealers would reduce crime.

• 45 percent say mental health background checks in all gun sales would help not reduce mass shootings; 31 percent say it would.

• 71 percent support elected leaders who have publicly refused to enforce more restrictive gun laws within their jurisdictions.

• 82 percent say gun buyback or turn-in programs are ineffective in reducing the level of gun violence.

• 80 percent say legally armed citizens would likely have reduced the number of casualties in recent mass shooting incidents.

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