Inbox: Cordless Camo Vacuum by Electrolux

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Inbox: Cordless Camo Vacuum by Electrolux


Considering the premise of camouflage is based on stealth and concealment, it’s difficult to imagine a product less appropriate to be clad in a pattern of leaves and twigs than a noisy vacuum cleaner, an appliance that is ostensibly used indoors to clean up things like wayward leaves and twigs. But lo and behold the limited-edition Electrolux Ergorapid, “a 2-in-1 cordless stick vacuum with pop-out hand vac that sports Realtree’s Xtra camo pattern,” according to the press release that landed in my inbox last Friday.

Of course, you could make the argument that this particular vacuum is intended as yet another camo’d gag for hunting camp—alongside the camouflage pillow cases, poker chips, and toilet seat—but how many deer camps have ever actually been vacuumed?

Lord knows there are countless products sold today for which a camo cloaking serves more as fashion than function, but what products would it be most absurd to camouflage? Can the vacuum be topped? Let’s hear your ideas in the comments.