Big Ass Knives

This is a classically styled Bowie knife from A.G. Russell with an 8 1/4 inch blade. A first-rate historical reproduction.Outdoor Life Online Editor
This is one of the more wicked blades in my collection, an Ontario RTAK jungle knife. Everyone who grabs onto it instantly starts looking around for stuff to chop.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Nasty. SOG makes some of the coolest looking blades around and this is the company's new Tigershark 2.0. With the skull basher on the hilt this knife is bad news at both ends.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Another view of the Tigershark 2.0. Punch someone with the handguard and you can leave the SOG logo on his forehead.Outdoor Life Online Editor
If Angelina Jolie were a knife this is what she'd look like. This two-edged Mark II dagger from Gerber is downright sexy and balances perfectly in the hand.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Another Gerber knife. This one actually isn't mine (sadly) but belongs to Editor in Chief Todd Smith. Called the LMF II, this blade is built for serious duty. I talked to a soldier who used this style knife to hack through a 220-volt wire to cut the power to a building in Iraq during a firefight. The insulated handle kept him from getting shocked and helped to save his men. Hard core.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Another view of the A.G. Russell Model 1861 Pattern Bowie. This knife never looks this good when I wear it.Outdoor Life Online Editor
One of my newest bad-ass blades. This is the Delta Fixed-Blade Combat knife from Surefire. Comes with a harness cutter, a screwdriver blade, a recess in the handle for turning hex nuts and a wire cutter that is ideal for cutting through flex-cuffs. Oh yeah, it also has a great functional knife blade.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Sara with the A.G. Russell Model 1861 Pattern Bowie.Outdoor Life Online Editor
The fun begins.Outdoor Life Online Editor
More fun with the Ontario RTAK jungle knife...Outdoor Life Online Editor
Kristen with her favorite knife of the group, SOG's new Tigershark 2.0.Outdoor Life Online Editor
The Gerber LMF II knife... small but deadly.Outdoor Life Online Editor
Taking a bow...Outdoor Life Online Editor

Snow's favorite big blades, modeled by the hottest hunters on OL's staff.